Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Dave Pack: I have not seduced my members to walk back into the world like UCG has done

So says Dave Pack:
If you are in the United Church of God (UCG), Living Church of God (LCG), Philadelphia Church of God (PCG), Church of God, a Worldwide Association (COGwa), or any other splinter or sliver that came out of the WCG, this will be among the most important reports you will ever read. But think as you read. So sadly, great numbers of brethren have become content to let their leaders do their thinking for them—and with ETERNAL LIFE at stake! This letter will not help such ill-informed, easily seduced, “obedient” people.
If there has ever been a group of Church of God that has let its leader do all of their thinking it is the members of the Restored Church of God.  Has there ever been a more subservient and obedient group of COG members?  No RCG member is capable of knowing what Dave does.  None of them have an inside line to God like Dave does.

Do you know what one of the identifying hallmarks of a backsliding church is?  Its dress standards!  Not the lying or abusive ministry, but the jeans or open collared shirts.
The United Church of God becomes a case in point. This organization has been marching directly back to the world for the almost 19 years of its existence. (I explain this in detail in many places. Dress standards alone in ALL of the groups are blinking neon lights to those with observant “eyes to see” that this march is happening everywhere—that many are even moving beyond Laodicea.) United’s journey is almost complete. Obviously, they deny this. But has anyone ever seen, or even heard of, a single church on Earth—EVEN ONE!—that admits it is of this world? Of course not. That United’s leaders are now working in a “cooperative” tandem with a large group that Mr. Armstrong’s son led away in rebellion over 35 years ago is merely the latest outrage they commit against God, Mr. Armstrong’s legacy and their docile membership who are so willing to let them get away with their deceit. This deception necessarily involves what they say about me and God’s true Church and Work! (That Mr. Armstrong’s long-time, professed-to-be-loyal assistant leads UCG’s charade and no one calls him on it is appalling. But none can confront when they are pushing from behind.)
Ouch!  Someone does not like Aaron Dean too well... but he does have a point.  He saw how all of the top men in LCG ran their congregations in Pasadena that were filled with spiritual and mental abuse, how they schemed and plotted behind the scenes to form United while on WCG payroll, and tin spite of all of that, he jumps ship to join up with those very same men HWA and Tkach were none too happy with.

Then Dave lobs another spot ball into UCG's backside:
So many remain seduced into believing God no longer has—or never had—just one church under one government and doing one Work, but rather is what Joe Tkach and evangelicals believe—that a divided Christ is working in many places under many leaders doing part of His Work here, there and the other place—who knows, maybe hundreds of places.
Dave also has a point above that nails UCG and every other splinter group.  There are well over 400 splinters and slivers that have broken off from the mother church, the Worldwide Church of God over the decades.  All of them claim to the one true church sticking to the faith once delivered.  Yet, NONE of them will ever call out some of the blatant lairs leading other COG splinters.  Inwardly they believe that they are all "brethren" on many different pathways to the same God, yet they will mock and condemn Christians of various denominations and/or religious traditions of believing the same thing.  The world is always wrong but COG leaders never are.

Is Bob Thiel Getting Conned By Some Of His African "Members"?

Almost, but not arrested Elijah Bob Thiel has been giddily proclaiming he has over 3,000 members now, of which 2, 996 live in Africa.  That all might sound impressive, if one had not paid any attention to the countless stories posted here and on other COG related sites on how many African Sabbath keeping groups have allegiances to many different parent organizations, all done in an effort to draw in as much money from gullible white Americans.  Thiel is such a narcissist that since God directly spoke to him in a dream, then his god would never allow people to take advantage of him. This seems to be a major issue in the Sabbatarian groups, from SDA, COG7 to the Armstrongite off shoots, including Thiel's.

Church of God News had this up about from Bill Goff who runs Voice in the Wilderness.  Bill has one of the few groups that actually seem to be doing some good in the world.  Ironically, most all of the other Church of Gods will not financially assist him in caring for others.

Voice in the Wilderness Church of God
Update from Bill Goff, April 21:
“Last week we were contacted by a church group in Canada. They were asking if we had any information concerning a church organization in Bungoma, Kenya, that they have been supporting the past few years. We offered to travel to Bungoma (located on the Uganda border) to investigate for them. Nehemiah and I traveled there on Thursday, and our trip was a success. We found the church group to be totally legitimate and caring for quite a number of orphans.
Over the past few years we have investigated quite a number of “churches” here in Kenya that numerous churches of God in the States had been supporting financially. The majority of them turned out to be “cons”.
So, we thank our Heavenly Father for enabling us to work together and help one another whenever possible. We may be of different administrations, but there are no barriers between us, because we are of the same mind and same spirit. And much can be accomplished when we work together in unity and strive for humility. Praise God for that!
This is also a busy day today. We are having combined Sabbath services in Ikenye. There will also be a number of baptisms. (There are 20 being baptized, most are from the border group next to the Maasai tribe). We have been counseling with them for some time now.